FDA ready to review the classification of cannabis?

Mis à jour : 8 sept. 2019

It is a major stake of the upcoming US presidential run. The status of Cannabis and its resin may be reviewed with the possible withdrawal from the Annex IV of the 1961 Drugs and Narcotics Convention.

In December 2018, Democrats and Republicans in Congress agreed to reschedule industrial hemp as an agricultural good enabling a bright future for American farmers. This new schedule also has a favorable impact on the scientific research. However the status of Cannabis and its derivates remains untouched.

As the supreme authority on food, cosmetics and public health, FDA has not yet clarified its position in regards to an eventual declassification of the plant. The inspection body continues its data collection and information on the safety, manufacturing, sale of cannabis products or derivatives as part of a large public survey. We can therefore expect an evolution of the FDA regulations with place of new schedules, pending a law change on the federal level. WHO, for its part, is clearly in favor of less stringent legislation and a possible reclassification of the Annex IV plant in international treaties.

Courtesy of ABC News

However, any changes in Annex I are excluded. This revision process approved or not by the member countries of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs could represent a further step towards the recognition of cannabis on a global scale. As much as the FDA's findings are eagerly awaited by both market players and general public. A withdrawal of class IV cannabis could give a boost to hesitant legal reforms.





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